Wellness Feast and Gong Bath deal

Wellness Feast and Gong Bath deal

A Wellness Feast and Gong Bath Saturday 18th May, Ilfracombe worth £36 for £24.50. YOU SAVE £11.50. That's 32%!

Available in North Devon

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If you love good healthy food and want to experience the ultimate in relaxing and revitalising sound therapy this one’s for you!

With this GrooVee you get a fine dining experience and a one hour Gong Bath at Ilfracombe’s newly refurbished Carlton Hotel with experienced and qualified sound therapist and gong expert Karen Vögelin of Littlebirds Therapy Centre on Saturday 18 May from 11am to 2pm. The deal includes a vitamin packed juice or smoothie on arrival and – after the gong bath – a wellness lunch in the restaurant with a wide range of healthy dishes to sample. Although some include meat and fish, a number of vegetarian options are also available. You can choose to sit at a table for two or on a larger shared table with other participants. It’s a day of food for the eyes, ears, body and soul!

The term "gong bath" means that you are bathed in the powerful sound waves created by a large gong when it is expertly played to provide a deeply meditative effect. You don't take off any clothes and there's no water involved at all. All you have to do is lie down and relax. It's amazing, and like nothing else, taking you on your own personal dreamy journey into the deepest conscious relaxation possible.The wellness lunch consists of a selection of beautifully presented high protein, high nutrient dishes that will not only provide a host of vitamins and minerals to enrich your cells but a wide variety of plant based ingredients that will also give a big boost to your friendly gut bacteria.

The wellness lunch menu that we tested included the following dishes, and although it is subject to slight changes depending on availability of ingredients, the level of choice will be comparable and any alternatives will be equally healthy. The great news is you will be able to sample ALL of the dishes on offer!

  • Miso broth
  • Smashed avocado on wholegrain toast, chilli flakes and lime
  • Basmati salad with tuna and sesame
  • Creamy house-special hummus
  • Halloumi wrap
  • Smoked salmon, scrambled egg sourdough
  • Beef strips, watercress and grated horseradish salad
  • Poached chicken and broccoli, toasted almonds
  • Red pepper, potato and manchego tortilla squares
  • Chicken and avocado salad
  • Artichoke salad

And for dessert a little of each:

  • Cut fruit platter
  • Chocolate mousse
  • Granola slice

The Carlton Hotel is a short distance off the town's maritime area seafront, harbour and High Street.  A four star hotel standard that has earned Trip Advisor certificate of excellence 7 years running, the Carlton has been completely and thoughtfully modernised over the past 3 years. The hotel’s Victorian exterior gives way to a very 21st century interior and throughout the hotel you’ll find echos of this balance of old and new. The cool blues and whites of the spacious lobby and beyond lend the hotel a crisp, clean and relaxing feeling. The eclectic range of chairs and sofas in the lobby may hint at the management's personality - smart and comfortable but also a little quirky and humorous with artwork that suggests a definite penchant for broadway.

You are welcome to arrive from 11am onwards so you have a chance to relax before the gong bath begins. Limited parking is available on the hotel forecourt and there is some free onroad parking opposite but you may need to use one of the nearby pay and display car parks all within a short walk (one just opposite the hotel, the Wilder Road Car Park or the theatre car park). You will be greeted in the foyer with a delicious complementary smoothie or juice prepared that morning still bursting with nutrients. Karen - who will playing the gong - likes to get to know her audience so she will be around to meet and greet. You should feel free to ask her any questions you have about the gong bath or sound therapy in general. You can also order other hot and cold drinks of your choice from the lobby bar.

At 11.30 you will be ushered downstairs to the room where the gong bath will take place. There is a slightly nautical feel to the space as you pass by the porthole shaped windows. The soothing grey walls, plush curtains, dimmed lights and brushed silver mirrors are perfectly suited to help you start winding down in preparation for the gong bath. Karen will welcome you and ask you to find a space to lie down on your blankets and pillows that you will have brought along for your comfort. You are also advised to bring a yoga style mat to lie on (if you don't have one contact Karen beforehand and she can bring one for you to borrow). She'll talk you through what to expect and then invite you to lie down and make yourself as comfortable and warm as possible. Some people like to bring duvets or memory foam and pillows to lie on and fleecy blankets to snuggle down under to keep warm. Once you've settled down you then just close your eyes and relax.  Karen will talk you through 3 deep breaths, and then start by playing a range of small bells and a singing bowl which give lighter sound waves to begin, and you drift away and relax down a level to the tinkling sounds. She’ll then begin with the bigger gong, which is played for around 40 minutes. Karen is led by the group’s energy as she plays which gives a specific tune. The sounds that come out of the gong, in kind of layers, are unfathomable and very difficult for the human brain to follow, so the brain surrenders and you float away into a deep meditative state. You may find yourself rising and falling in and out of meditation many times throughout the session. Of course, everyone has a different experience and every session is different. As the session comes to an end, Karen will play the smaller bells once again to gently bring you back to the world. There’ll be no rush to get up but you will probably be looking forward to lunch so you can leave any blankets and cushions you brought and head back upstairs to the open, airy restaurant unencumbered.

After the gong bath your senses will probably feel somewhat heightened so you will be able to fully appreciate the rich yet delicate display of nourishing food on offer. Small tapas style bowls of each of the main dishes will be available for you to select and you can help yourself to as much from the salad platters as you like. It is a veritable treat for the taste buds and you can almost hear the your body's deepest tissues and friendly gut bacteria squealing in delight! You are encouraged to drink plenty of water after the sound bath as your body continues on it’s healing journey so glasses of aqua pura will be available on demand or you’re welcome to order additional drinks including more delicious juices or smoothies at an additional cost. The lunch is more than satisfying but still quite light so you will have plenty of energy to explore Ilfracombe if you've travelled in for the day.  You certainly won't have to go far with the High Street full of independent little jewels less than 5 minutes walk from the hotel, the historical Tunnels beach complex just across the road, and a short walk to the South West Coastal path - the busy harbour in one direction and the cliff-top walk and stunnings Torrs in the other. 

Gong baths are very good at relieving pain, stress or dealing with all sorts of personal issues. The state of bliss that you experience can often last for several days and you may find yourself feeling happier, with more energy and feeling more creative, with a constructive approach to everything. Equally, the high quality ingredients used in the food and smoothies and the expert combinations will give your body and mind a boost that you will most likely want to prolong by continuing to eat more fruit, veg and whole food at home. I thought the menu was superb. I loved the variety and the tapas style delivery. It was fresh, crunchy, packed with protein, fibre and antioxidants. What I loved about the gong bath was the real sense that it was a journey with different sounds, vibrations and rhythms along the way each resonating with a different part of my body – feeling the gong at it’s apex deep in my gut and the chimes high up in my head. My 10 year old son commented that it made him realise that all his feelings – happy and sad – had been all tangled up, that he could sense them beginning to unravel during the gong bath and he was convinced those feelings were set to become clearer. Looking back, I think it had the same effect on me – I just didn’t have the words for it!

The rules: 

Only valid on Saturday, 18th May!
Can be taken as a gift voucher
Bring a mat, pillows and blankets for maximum relaxation
Contact Karen in advance if you need to borrow a mat
The is menu is subject to change depending on availability
Multiple buy-ins possible
Wear comfy clothes
No other offers apply
Contact Karen: 07969564528 / email Littlebirdsmassage@gmail

About Littlebirds Therapy Centre: 

Karen Vogelin, who has been giving massage in North Devon since 2010 is owner of Littlebirds Therapy Centre in Ilfracombe and trained to give sound therapy Gong Baths over 4 years ago with The College of Sound Healing. She works alongside her sister, Becky who had also qualified in a range of holistic and beauty therapies in Hastings before moving back to Ilfracombe. They offer a wide range of treatments including sound therapy and gong baths, aromatherapy, salt scrub aromatherapy, hot stone and swedish massage, as well as reflexology and beauty treatments from manicures and pedicures to waxing. Littlebirds has been increasingly collaborating with the Carlton Hotel to develop a range of other wellness events including Pamper Days. The Carlton Hotel is an attractive period property welcoming guests on business, for pleasure, for relaxation or action, individual or groups. It is ideally located in Ilfracombe within easy walking distance of the town's maritime area seafront, harbour and High Street, surrounded by hills that cocoon the town and are great for further exploration. In addition to wellness days, they offer great facilities for meetings and events, parties and celebrations, coffee & cake or a fabulous Sunday lunch. For more information about Littlebirds go to www.littlebirds-holistics.co.uk, for the Carlton Hotel go to https://ilfracombecarlton.co.uk/

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