Tarot reading deal

Tarot reading deal

A 45 minute Tarot Card Reading with Carmen at Earths Energies, Bideford worth £15 for £7.50. YOU SAVE £7.50. That's 50%!

Available in North Devon

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If you'd like to see what the cards say about you and your future, if you'd like a bit of guidance or just the time to look at your life from a new perspective then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get a 40-45 minute tarot card reading with experienced and trained spiritualist Carmen in her private reading room at Earth's Energies on Jubilee Square in Bideford. It's life affirming.

You'll find Earths Energies easily right in Jubilee Square on the Quay in Bideford with parking in any of the public carparks nearby. You'll be warmly welcomed at Earths Energies by both Carmen and her husband Michael who are open hearted, genuine and upbeat personalities and who are clearly dedicated to their cause at Earths Energies with its shop and its wide range of spiritual services including crystal healing, meditation, Reiki, aura photography and angelic healing. Michael teaches Golden Angelic Healing, and they offer psychic development workshops and courses to assist those who are gifted but who wish to advance or raise their vibration and develop their healing abilities.They are members of the International Association of Therapists which has a strong code of conduct. The shop itself is pristine, bright and light and although the merchandise is dedicated to spiritual practice and includes some fantastic artwork from local artists, it's not the usual dark, incense scented and mystical type environment you might expect.  

Carmen will show you through to her private reading room and offer you a cup of herbal tea before you sit down at her reading table. She has a number of unique Tarot decks (which come from Israel) including Cosmic Tarot, Romantic Oracle Cards, Angel and Archangel Tarot cards and Angel Cards. She also has a pendulum. She might ask you whether you are looking for a general reading or whether you have something specific you want her to look at for you and will chose the deck she uses accordingly or may offer the pendulum if appropriate.  She'll also ask you if you would like the reading to be recorded ( she will send the recording to you by email if you'd like that) and of course you are free to take notes. Carmen does not give readings on matters such as investments or births or deaths but she covers most other subjects such as matters of the heart and family, work, friends and relationships. Carmen comes from Transylvania, from a gypsy family. Her talents were passed down to her from her grandmother who was the local clairvoyant and healer. She gave readings for years to friends and family before training formally and she can give readings online, by phone and by email as well as in person - although this GrooVee is for a reading in person. 

To begin the reading, Carmen will give you her chosen deck and ask you to shuffle and cut the pack until you feel your spirit is in the cards and she then asks you to deal a number of cards to her which she arranges in a pattern on the table in front of her in a particular layout to suit the reading. She'll then begin to talk through with you what she finds in the cards, She speaks clearly and quietly and is precise in her choice of words. You can ask any questions you wish you as she reads and she may well decide to make a spread of cards specifically for your question if it requires more cards that the original spread can show her. It's absolutely fascinating and you'll be amazed by her knowledge of your life and people around you. The time goes by very quickly as its an intense time. Before you go Carmen may ask you to pick an angel card from her pack, which sends special messages to you from the angels to give you guidance at that time. Its interesting just how spot on that guidance can be! 

I had an excellent reading with Carmen, and spent some time at Earths Energies with both Carmen and Michael and was impressed both by their community approach to being in Bideford, and their passion for all things spiritual. My Tarot reading makes more sense a month or so later, as I have seen how life unfolded for me and things that seemed a little puzzling at the time are now clear. The reading covers a three month period or so rather than longer, although it is possible to get an Oracle Reading for the year ahead which is popular around New Year. This kind of Tarot reading is great if you want an opportunity to look at your life or feel blocked in any way. If it brings you no more than a time of reflection, or stimulates some good thinking about your future, or is just a bit of fun for you and your friends then it's worth it. I'd certainly go back for more. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 31st March!
By appointment only
9.30am -6pm 7 days a week
Evening appointments by arrangement
No other offers apply
Multibuys possible but only one voucher per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Earths Energies: 

Earths Energies is owned and run by husband and wife team Carmen and Michael Bisiker, both highly accredited spiritual practitioners and teachers, based in Jubilee Square in Bideford. They moved from Kent to set up this year as a result of Spirit guidance. 

Carmen is A Reiki Practitioner, an Accredited Advanced Angelic Healing Practitiioner, a professional international Tarot reader working with Psychic Sofa, Kooma and at various Spiritual Events. She comes from a Transylvanian Gypsy family who were known for spiritual practice and inherited her gift from her Grandmother. She also trained formally in tarot readings at the Chakra Centre in Kent. 

 Michael is a member of the Guild Of Holistic Therapists and International Association of Therapists as well as an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, an Advanced Crystal healer, Golden Angelic Healing teacher, and Past Life Regression practitioner and tutor.

At Earths Energies Michael and Carmen offer a range of services including meditation evenings, psychic development evenings,tarot, crystal healing, Angelic HealingTuition and workshops. They also offer tarot parties, crystal and reiki share. 

The shop at Earths Energies includes a range of items for spritual practice, as well as aura photography and artwork by Sophie Cobb and Jedidah Morley.

Earths Energies are open for readings from 9.30am til 6pm 7 days a week. Evening appointments can be made by arrangement.

For more information go to www.earthsenergiesdevon.co.uk

This deal is ON!

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