St Tropez Spray Tan deal

St Tropez Spray Tan deal

A St Tropez Spray Tan at Shine, Bude worth £25 for £12.50. YOU SAVE £12.50. That's 50%!

Available in North Devon, North Cornwall

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This deal is ON!

If you're off to the sun but don't want to bare that white skin by the pool or have a special occasion you'd like to look your best for, or just want to try out a safer way to tan then this ones for you! 

With this GrooVee you get a St Tropez spray tan at Shine in Bude, in their dedicated spray tan room. It's a top class natural looking tan, available in a range of shades to suit your skin tones and it's a very light shade and odourless when it goes on- there's no dark brown guide colour so you can go out after your spray tan looking glowing but without looking like Pocahontas or smelling like biscuits!

You'll receive instructions on how to prepare for your tan when you phone to book your appointment.  You'll need to exfoliate the day before and make sure you haven't shaved or waxed on the day (you can alwaysbook a body scrub or waxing a few days before at Shine if you'd like to at additional cost of course which you pay directly at Shine) and you mustn't wear any makeup (mascara is ok) or skin creams or oils on any part of your body at all for your appointment. You'll arrive  in Bude on the day of your appointment and find parking in one of the public carparks around town. You'll find Shine easily in the town centre where you'll check in at reception and then greeted by Kristii in the professional and chic leather seated waiting area before being shown to her dedicated spray tan room on the ground floor. It's a white, clean and fresh space all ready and equipped with a towel and 'sticky feet' in front of an extractor fan in one corner and with a chair and clothes pegs for you to get changed in the other as well as a nice display of the St Tropez tan products. Kristii is bright and friendly and very professional  in her therapist pristine uniform. She is a highly trained spray tanning professional we have ever met having trained with St Tropez and is also a qualified level 3 beauty therapist . 

Before you get changed Kristii will explain the tanning process with you and she'll ask you about the kind of look you want to achieve and how dark you like your tan to look. She'll also ask you about any allergies or skin issues, regular medication etc as these can all effect the way you tan. She'll then leave you for a moment to undress and pop on a pair of paper thong knickers and a shower cap to cover your hair which she will leave for you on the table. and she'll then ask you to step onto the pair of 'sticky feet' which are positioned in the middle of a towel on the floor ready for the spray to begin. Kristii sprays you in long single strokes which feel like a cool, light breeze on your skin. She'll direct you throughout , asking you to turn to the side, to the front, to put your palms flat or otherwise etc. When you're all sprayed she'll leave you to dry off for 3 to 5 minutes after which you can get dressed in loose dark clothes, and pop on some loose fitting shoes or sandals. Before you go Kristii will talk you through the aftercare'll need to wait at least 8 hours for your tan to 'take' and stay out of water altogether during that time. Basically the spray tan reacts with the amino acids in your skin to create a naturally tanned look. It will fade as your skin cells are naturally lost over 5 or so days. Kristii will advise you when to exfoliate lightly a few days later, and to  take light showers. The more you are in water the more skin cells you will lose and so the quicker your tan will fade. When you leave you won't be able to see very much of a tan at all. You'll just feel a little sticky, but hardly noticeably so.  There's no horrible dark brown guide colour.   It's wonderful. I chose a Luxe tan by St Tropez which is a nice glow rather than a tanned look per se as I wanted to look a natural healthy skin colour rather than looking tanned per se with just enough colour to go bare legged. I went out to lunch in one of the lovely eateries in Bude afterwards and did a little shopping and felt quite comfortable doing so - not worried at all by the spray tan.  I loved my tan which I watched slowly developing all evening and washed off just before bed time. When I looked in the mirror I was delighted to find that I had a lovely natural all over tan, with just a knicker line so I could see the difference in colour.  I could wear a skirt with bare legs with confidence over the next week and even wore a bikini on the beach that weekend. Lovely not having that white leg syndrome for the first weeks of summer, or when you first go on holiday with the tall and tanned bodies around the pool! 

Superb. And I will be going back for sure.  

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Saturday, 31st August!
By appointment only
Must follow pre-appointment instructions
Must wear loose clothing and footwear after treatment
Must follow aftercare advice
Cancellations at less than 24 hours notice incur £10 charge
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Shine at Nine: 

Shine at Nine is owned and managed by Kath Mills,who lives in Bude, and who has been in hair and beauty for over 11 years. She opened Shine first as a hair boutique 4 and half years ago, and in last year she completed a total refurbishment of the upper floors at Shine to create tasteful, stylish treatment rooms using natural pallettes and eclectic chic decor to create something truly lovely. Kath likes quirky yet cool, natural materials and ethical, quality products and the salon favours Aveda as a natural choice with its reputation for earth loving, ayurvedic, organic potions with aromas to treat the mind, body and spirit in one.

This summer Kath has set up a dedicated Spray Tan room at Shine. Its as cool stylish and comfortable as the rest of the salon and is perfect for spray tanning, giving you privacy, tranquility and ease to make it an altogether pleasant, quick and hassle-free experience. 


Kristii is a fully qualified level 3 beauty therapist who is St Tropez trained and has joined the team at Shine to deliver the wide range of beauty treatments on offer there from pre-tan waxing or body scrubs and exfoliation treatments to post-tan brow and lash tints and lifts, facials and massage as well as the tans themselves. 

For more information about Shine go to, or you can find them on Facebook here 

This deal is ON!

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