Sound Therapy + Assemblage Point Alignment deal

Sound Therapy + Assemblage Point Alignment deal

Two x 1 hour Sound Therapy and Assemblage Point Alignment sessions worth £70 for £39.50. YOU SAVE £30.50. That's over 43%!

Available in North Devon

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If you're feeling in need of rest and relaxation, have a long term condition that you can't shift, or would like some spiritual awakening then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get a total of two one hour Sound Therapy and Assemblage Alignment sessions with qualified and experienced sound therapist Susan Northrop  at her home based treatment room in Barnstaple. It's therapeutic, uplifting and extraordinary. 

You'll arrive at Susan’s home on a residential street just off Bear Street.  There is free parking but be sure to follow Susan’s instructions which she’ll send you when you book your appointment so that you don’t go round the houses ( quite literally) to find the parking. When you arrive Susan will give you a warm welcome on the doorstep of her Victorian terraced home and show you into her large and airy front room which is a dedicated sound therapy space. You'll take off your shoes as you go in and your senses will be immediately activated by the wonderful scent of sage in the air which is used to cleanse the space before you arrive and  by the sight of the room itself - you’ll marvel at the amazing range of sound therapy instruments all around the room: Tibetan and Crystal bowls, rattles and drums, flutes, chimes and bells, and one wall with a range of beautiful gongs. Tapestries depicting elephants and cosmic images are all around the room.  In the centre of the room is a plump therapy couch, covered in blankets and throws which is where your treatment takes place after you’ve completed a consultation sitting on the chairs in the window which is adorned with coloured silks and muslin curtains which reflect their colours in the daylight. Susan will begin by asking about your health . You'll have the opportunity to talk through any particular issues you'd like her to treat and to ask any questions. She'll explain the process and then ask you to lie down on the couch with your head on soft pillows and your knees supported so that you're lying down on your back comfortably. It's a good idea to wear loose clothes so that you can really relax, and socks if your feet get cold. She'll then cover you with  blankets if you need them and she'll then begin the treatment. She begins with an Assemblage Point Alignment. The Assemblage Point is the main place where our energy field connects with our physical body and is directly connected with our life force energy. It lies in the centre of the chest and is a cluster of energy lines which pass through the chest and out of the back. The position of the Assemblage Point has a direct effect on our physical and psychological health. When the Assemblage Point is correctly aligned we will feel positive and happy, we will be healthy and interact well with other people. When the Assemblage Point is out of alignment we may feel unwell, anxious, lacking in energy and perhaps feel that life is a constant struggle.

Any sudden or prolonged stress can shift the Assemblage Point off centre. If the Assemblage Point moves down to the liver area a person may experience depression and constant fatigue. This position is common in people with ME.  If the Assemblage Point moves upwards a person will be unable to relax. With some people the Assemblage Point can split in two leading them to swing between high and low energetic states.

Susan first identifies where your assemblage point is, to see how far it has moved from its optimal place working with a pendulum and crystals she is able to determine how to realign it and begins the process. You’ll be required to do some special breathing to enable her to work her magic, but it is all very relaxing and totally painless.. When she has completed the alignment she then begins the sound therapy which is more powerful once your Assemblage Point is where it should be and the realignment is helped along by you doing nothing at all for the next 20 minutes or more while the sound does its work. Susan begins by holding your feet and shoulders in a soothing and soft grip before starting with sound. This is your signal to completely relax and you’ll feel your body begin to melt. She may begin with a flute and then her voice and is guided to each instrument for your particular treatment by a spiritual instinct or force that comes from within her, which is the healing force. She may move on to play crystal bowls or Tibetan bowls or rattles, chimes or gong. Each with its own healing properties. You’ll find yourself drifting off as the sounds penetrate your brain - some feel very loud and others quite quiet.

The sounds work in different ways. First they work on the chakras to balance the energy and encourage healthy vibration, secondly the sound gives you an auric massage to uplift you and deepen your spiritual and physical relaxation, and thirdly. the sound waves are so complex that they take the brain to the level where it switches off completely and so brings the healing capability of a deep meditation, where the entire being is able to work on healing undistracted by other stimuli. It's powerful stuff. Once Susan has finished the treatment, there is a period of silence to give the body space to integrate the sound. She'll leave you to relax for a moment while she gets you a glass of water and you'll then get up slowly from the couch and spend a moment or two talking through your experience with her before you leave. Then a week or two later you go back for your second treatment when she will check your Assemblage Point to see if it has moved ( which it might well have done) and realign it if required, and give you a second treatment. Different people have different reactions to sound therapy. For some it is a profound and transformational experience which takes them to a new realm of both spiritual and physical relaxation, and which therefore unlocks old blockages, stored emotions and spiritual feelings, for some it stimulates visions and physical sensations.  At the very least it is a deeply relaxing and meditative treatment which gives your body, mind and spirit some well needed 'time out', as your mind switches off and you focus only on the sounds so that you completely let go. Certainly each treatment is consolidating and so the second treatment may be more intense and more effective than the first - you will also know what to expect and so will allow yourself to relax even deeper than you did at the first session and this relaxation enables deeper healing.

I love sound therapy and loved being in Susan’s magical space. This is certainly a spiritual practice which harnesses the earth’s natural energies and universal energies.  I felt enveloped and protected by the wonderful sounds which left me feeling freed and able to breath again after a fairly stressful morning.  I left feeling lighter as if I was floating but with positive energy and the feeling that I had been touched by something beautiful.  It's a wonderful treatment from a wonderful, caring therapist who has a passion and belief in her practice which is infectious. I look forward to having more! 


The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Thursday, 28th February!
By appointment only
Multi buyins welcome but only one treatment per person
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Susan Northrop: 

Susan Northrop is a fully qualified music teacher as well as music performer and Sound Healing Practitioner. She has a degree in music from Sussex University and a Community Music qualification from Dartington College. As an accomplished musician herself she is a member of the famous North Devon Sinfonia who won the BBC All Together Now competition two years ago. She has collected musical instruments known for their therapeutic sound for the last 10 years. She trained in Sound Therapy and Assemblage Point Alignment seven years ago under the tuition of Simon Heather at the College of Sound Healing. Simon is internationally renowned for healing and has taught all over the world. He is one of the founders of the UK Sound Healers Association and the College of Sound Healing and is one of the leading teachers in Sound Healing. He has written nine books and recorded many videos and cds. Susan has developed her own practice since and brings her own special spirituality to her healing. 

For more information go to Susan's website here  

This deal is ON!

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