Float 2018 deal

Float 2018 deal

A one hour Float session worth £28 for £19.50. YOU SAVE £8.50. That's over 30%!

Available in North Devon

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If your va va voom feels like it's got up and gone, your stress levels are on the up and you could do with some serious 'me' time,  then this one's for you.

With this GrooVee you get a one hour float session in North Devon's only float room at Hands On Clinic in Braunton. It's heavenly. 

Floating provides the deepest form of rest a human being can get because when you float in warm highly salinated water, in a quiet and dark room, your brain is free from the continual calculation of gravity, and from the processing of information coming in from the senses. For this reason it is sometimes known as Floatation REST (Restricted Environmental Stimulation Technique). The affects of floating are varied and powerful but include for most a feeling of deep relaxation and calm, relief of muscular aches and pains, and a feeling of mental clarity and restfulness.  Floatation improves sleep, rejuvenates and revitalises, it stimulates left/right side brain synchronisation which enhances creativity,visualisation and problem solving. Floatation also helps people with phobias, addictions, depression or anxieties . It speeds up the healing process, and can even improve athletic performance. It's amazing.    

With this GrooVee you get a one hour float session in one of the loveliest float rooms in the land at Hands On Clinic in Braunton, including, ear plugs, organic, natural shower products for your after float shower, and post float information to guide your expectations together with complimentary herbal tea/water. All you need to take with you is your body and your towel and maybe a hairbrush (though towels can be provided at an additional cost of £3). You'll be welcomed at Hands On by either Elli or Phil, owners of this really cool clinic located in Braunton's Caen Street, which is wonderfully light and white with accents of calming eastern chic in rich turquoise mixed with contemporary art works. You'll read their informative guide to floating which provides clear and easy steps to a really great float. Phil and Elli will take you through everything you need to know if you're  new to floating and once the floatation tank has been cleaned and filtered you'll be invited in to the warm and comforting space which is the dedicated float room. You'll take a shower, put in your complimentary ear plugs, and then enter the float tank, closing the door behind you. The tank itself is about the size of a small sauna, is lit and even has an amazing star lit ceiling which twinkles and glows. You'll find yourself standing in about 30cm of warm water which is salinated with epsom salts (Magnesium Sulphate -   great for skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema provided the skin isn't  broken), and many body weight advisors swear by an epsom salt bath to help promote the shedding of toxins that make you fat as well as helping reduce cellulite. It's very buoyant, and allows you to float on the surface effortlessly and without fear of sinking. You lie down in the water and switch off the lights, put your head back and relax to the sound of calming, tinkly music which plays for the first 10 minutes and lulls you off into a waking dream state as thoughts come and go until you drift deeper into relaxation,feeling weightless as if floating on air........ Then you'll have 45 minutes in the floatation tank in blissful silence, floating around in the body temperature water as if suspended in space. It's divine. When the music comes back on you know it's time to get out and take a warm and refreshing shower using the natural and organic products provided before leaving the float room for a drink and a moment of rest to acclimatise yourself to the real world once again.  There's a hair dryer and mirror for those who want to leave looking their best so you can then carry on with your day, feeling like you've gained a few hours rest and with a lovely feeling of peace and tranquility about you. 

I floated at least once a month as an antedote to my demanding working life when i lived in London and found it not only recharged my batteries, (an hour in the floatation tank provides the equivalent rest to about 5 hours sleep) but also brought me clarity of thought and emotional stability, better decision making capability and relief from the physical and psychological impact of a high stress job. I now go for a float as often as I can.  It relieves my headaches, my backaches and neckache and the deep fatigue which comes from the kind of daily stress we all suffer as a result of modern day life. The Hands On float room is just lovely. It's state of the art , tastefully finished and a lovely place to be with plenty of space for you to shower and change in peace . Phil and Elli, owners of Hands On Clinic, have taken the time to ensure that Hands On provides the best possible environment for a perfect float experience. I always feel deeply relaxed and relieved with more energy and zest for life once I've had my float at Hands On. I really recommend it.  For more information about the benefits of floating go to www.floatationtankassociation.net/about-floating

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by 1st December 2018
Monday to Friday only- doesn't include Saturdays
Bring your own towel or hire one for additional £3
Shampoo and shower gel included
Multibuyins welcome
No other offers apply
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Hands On Clinic: 

Hands On is a Floatation and Treatment Clinic in Braunton, owned by Phil Steward,expert multi disciplined bodyworker who specialises in Bowen technique and Healing Massage and his wife Elli. First opened in 2011, and then extended in 2012to include more treatment space, Hands On has the only float room in North Devon as well as a number of treatment rooms from which specialist qualified therapists give a wide range of treatments including Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Massage, sports massage, Chavutti, Healing Massage, Hot Stone therapy, Indian Head and Face Massage, Osteopathy, Pregnancy massage, Reiki, Sports Injury Therapy and Relaxation therapy and Bowen Technique among others. Parking is easy ( paying carpark across the road at Caen Fields) and you can browse the shops and cafes of Braunton which are within easy walking distance.  It's a soothing, calming environment; a cool and contemporary clinic you'll want to go back to again and again. For more information go to www.handsonclinic.co.uk

This deal is ON!

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