Fitness Classes deal

Fitness Classes deal

One month of unlimited fitness classes at G&S Fitness worth £25 for £17.50. YOU SAVE £7.50. That's 30%!

Available in North Devon

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If you'd like to lose weight, tone up or improve your fitness, this one's for you!

With this GrooVee you get a whole month of UNLIMITED access to fitness classes in the newly refurbished studio at G&S Fitness in South Molton. The timetable includes HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Boxercise, Pilates, Power Yoga and Circuits among others. There are morning and evening classes available, offering a flexible, fun, friendly way to get into shape! You can begin your month of classes whenever you like - you don't have to wait for the start of the month. 

The studio at G&S Fitness has just been renovated, giving class participants a much larger, light and airy space to work out in. For 2019, the gym have put together a new class timetable, including a variety of classes from a range of male and female qualified instructors. To access the studio, which is on the top floor of the gym building, participants need to walk through the gym, which is arranged across two floors, and up a second flight of stairs up to the third floor. It is worth noting this if you have any mobility problems at all. The staff in reception will happily take you up to the studio if it is your first time at the gym, and are all very welcoming and friendly. The studio is painted all in white, with many windows allowing natural light into the large room. The studio is equipped with a range of dumbbells, bars and mats. 

To give GrooVees members an insight into what to expect, I went along to two classes - Boxercise and HIIT. 


The instructor of the evening Boxercise class - Marika - is vibrant, warm and engaging. She will instantly make you feel welcome and make sure that you know what you are doing. Gloves and pads for Boxercise are available at the gym, in a range of sizes, but it is also acceptable to bring your own if you have them. The class will begin with a thorough warm up, involving mobilisation exercises and stretches, followed by some punching and cardiovascular exercise. The main part of the class varies each week, but will include plenty of glove and pad work, some cardio and work on the abdominal area. The class is mostly high intensity, but Marika adapts the class throughout for those with injuries or lower fitness levels. Marika is a very thorough instructor, paying great attention to detail and ensuring that you get the best out of your session. She also encourages fun and laughter throughout, making the class very enjoyable and sociable. Towards the end of the session you will participate in some cool down stretches which help to improve flexibility and minimise muscle soreness. 


Tony, the morning HIIT class instructor will welcome you into the studio and explain the workout ahead. As with most fitness classes, this one will start with a warm up activity, during which Tony gives directions for simple exercises. The content of the class will be different each week, but you can guarantee a tough workout with an interesting variety of exericses, including cardio, bodyweight resistance training and core work. It is clear that Tony spends time planning and preparing his classes, researching different moves and training methods to use each week. It is this effort that ensures that you will get a challenging workout every time, whilst not getting bored of following the same routine. Tony will demonstrate each exercise to make sure you know what you are doing, and is happy to adapt any moves if you have an injury. Tony is a calm, knowledgeable and approachable instructor, who doesn't need to shout and scream to motivate his class. 

The other classes available also offer fun, welcoming and varied workouts with qualified and experienced instructors. For all classes you will need to wear suitable clothing - fancy gym kit is not necessary, as long as you are comfortable enough to exercise. Leggings or jogging bottoms and a t-shirt/vest top with trainers is fine. It is a good idea to bring a bottle of water, but if you forget, they can be bought from the reception. 

As a fitness instructor myself, I have participated (and taught!) a lot of classes over the past 10 years! I enjoyed both of these because of how friendly and sociable they were. The other participants, whilst clearly familiar with eachother, were not clicky, as I have experienced in some classes I've attended. I liked the fact that there was a wide range of ages present, and that all of the participants were very obviously supportive of eachother, and I felt as though they had created a little community among themselves. What a lovely environment to exercise in, and one which I can imagine would be very condusive to achieving your fitness goals. 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 30th June!
Multibuys possible but only one voucher per person
Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer

About G&S Fitness: 

G&S Fitness opened in 2010 when the previous gym at the site was taken over by owners Gerald and Sue Luscombe. In 2015, a small studio was opened on the top floor, which has recently been made much larger and completely renovated to allow for a new and improved class timetable. To find out more, visit

This deal is ON!

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