Choice of intuitive OR pregnancy massage deal

Choice of intuitive OR pregnancy massage deal

An Intuitive Massage OR Pregnancy Massage with Sara at the Body Aware Studio worth £40 for £24.50. YOU SAVE £15.50. That's over 38%!

Available in North Devon

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This deal is ON!

There is something in this deal to suit everyone…Sara will give you the ultimate massage whether you know what you need or not. Whether you’re pregnant and need pampering or not pregnant and happy to go with the flow then this one’s for you!

With this GrooVee you get EITHER a one hour Pregnancy Massage OR a one hour Intuitive Massage at Body Aware Pilates Studio and Clinic in Ilfracombe with Sara. The usual hours would be Thursdays between 9am and 6pm but other days and times can be arranged. The pregnancy massage is suitable for second and third trimesters (i.e. from 12 weeks on). It’s not suitable for the first trimester but your voucher is valid for 6 months so you can just redeem it when you’re ready. The rest of you get an Intuitive Massage - Sara will tune into your physical and emotional state and sense your needs in the moment. As well as the full range of Swedish massage strokes, both the Intuitive and Pregnancy massages may incorporate elements of Thai Reflexology and hot stones. The delicious but relatively strong stretching techniques characteristic of Thai Massage will be reserved for the Intuitive massage (if that’s what your body is telling Sara it needs at the time). Both massages are mindful, soulful and exclusively for you!

In both cases Sara will check with you for any relevant medical conditions and any areas or particular techniques you want her to avoid. For the pregnancy massage you will have a more in depth conversation about your aches and pains, areas that need work and how you would prefer your massage and/or reflexology to be delivered. However, for the Intuitive massage, the idea is that Sara will gauge your energy, ‘read’ your tissues, joints and responses to decide how your treatment will proceed. I was slightly reticent about handing over control to start with but it really paid off and I can truly say that it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had (and you are of course able to ask her to stop or change technique or body region at any point).

The Pregnancy Massage

A gentle and natural way of easing the discomfort of your changing body, prenatal massage is ideal for preparing you for birthing and providing support with physical and emotional strains of both pregnancy and mothering. As your baby grows, your posture changes and back, neck and headaches are common. You will be lying on the treatment couch on your side supported by cushions as Sara works on your back, neck and shoulders, your hands, feet, head and face. Half way through, if you’re comfortable doing so, Sara will ask you to turn onto the other side to make sure no area of muscle or patch of skin is left out. Sara uses gentle techniques aimed at easing pelvic and back tensions to enhance overall wellbeing. The calming head, face, neck and shoulder massage aims to relieve headaches, neck stiffness and tired shoulders. With a blend of strokes and acupressure on keys points, mental activity ceases, worries and stress melt away. Sara’s expertise in Thai Reflexology comes into its own as she works on your feet - perfect for reducing swelling especially towards the end of your pregnancy, you will feel lighter and rejuvenated. This 2000 year old highly reputed foot massage is based on the principle that 7200 sensory nerves endings in each foot connected to the organs spread throughout the body. Consequently, the reflexology element of the massage is particularly effective in stimulating and detoxing the functions of the internal organs (specific reflexes points connected to the uterus or womb will be avoided during pregnancy).

Sara is extremely sensitive to the individual needs and preferences of her clients but also to health and safety guidelines for physical therapy during pregnancy. If you want deeper tissue work - say on tight knotted shoulders – she is happy to oblige but will not jeopardise yours or baby’s health e.g. by positioning you inappropriately for optimal bloodflow, overstretching ligaments that are naturally more lax in pregnancy or working deeply into vulnerable areas. My days of having pregnancy massages are long gone but based on my experience of other treatments with Sara I would be more than happy to trust her to help me stay happy and healthy at such a special but tiring time. I am sure I would feel completely secure and nurtured in her hands.

The Intuitive Massage

Well, I won’t say much about the massage itself as the whole point is that you don’t know exactly what is in store for you and relinquishing control appears to be key to ultimate relaxation. Suffice to say that it helped me tune into some quite intense feelings I had been avoiding, had me on the verge of dropping off to sleep more than once and I certainly didn’t want it to stop after close to a full hour of treatment. You could be on the treatment couch or on the firm but comfortable Thai massage mat on the floor, lying on your back, front, side or a combination of all three. Sara will select techniques from her wide repertoire of Thai massage, Swedish massage, hot stones and reflexology. She might use just one approach or a combination of all four. Stretches – if she uses them – could be gentle or strong, strokes light or deep. Even if she works on an area that hasn’t been problematic, it could be that it’s just what your body needs. Likewise, if she passes over the one area you think is the source of pain or tension then maybe that’s not the cause but just a symptom of imbalances elsewhere. As Sara pointed out, the release of endorphins is more effective while working on non-painful areas and that will have a generalised effect on your mind and body making the pain more manageable and possibly less intense.

Sara's ability to combine confidence with sensitivity is clear from the outset. I have had many massages and other holistic therapies but this giving away control was new to me and proved to be game-changing. If you want to try something new but don’t know what then give this a go. If you are happy to let a kind and caring human being who also happens to be a massage therapist take you by the hand and show you how to feel better in yourself then this is definitely for you.


The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 15th September!
Pregnancy massage suitable for 2nd and 3rd trimesters
Intuitive massage not suitable for pregnancy
Preference booking from 9am and 6pm on Thursdays
Other booking days and times can be available on request
Can be issued as a gift voucher
Some medical conditions may require GP referral
Multibuys possible but just one treatment per person
Only valid for treatments with Sara at Body Aware Clinic
No other offers apply

About Cocoon Time Massage Therapy: 

Originally from France where she had been incorporating a therapeutic approach into her work with babies and children in nurseries and in special education, Sara came to the UK in 2012 and established Cocoon Time Massage Therapy. She works in various highly acclaimed therapy centres in North Devon providing Thai massage and reflexology, hot stone massage, pregnancy massage and also runs baby massage classes helping mums and dads connect with their babies. Her practice is focused on well being with the aim of helping people feel good about themselves and live pain-free lives. In order to offer a unique and personalised treatment, she adopts an intuitive approach, listening and responding to her client’s body whilst utilising a host of different styles and techniques.

This deal is ON!