Back Neck and Shoulder Massage deal

Back Neck and Shoulder Massage deal

A 45 minute back, neck and shoulder massage at Hands to Heart Yoga and Massage worth £25 for £18. YOU SAVE £7. That's 28%!

Available in North Devon

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If you're feeling stressed, tense or just needing some time to unwind, this ones for you!

With this GrooVee you get a 45 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder massage with Felicity Cornish of Hands to Heart Yoga and Massage at her beautiful garden cabin in Chittlehampton. With 11 years of massage experience under her belt, Felicity is professional, capable and has no trouble tailoring your massage to suit your exact needs. 

Upon arrival at Felicity's home, you will be welcomed into her beautiful purpose built massage cabin which sits at the bottom of her garden. The cabin is peaceful and quiet, with no disruptions, so perfect for this sort of treatment. Felicity is vibrant and happy, and puts you immediately at ease. You will be given a consultation card prior to your treatment, asking for basic personal details and health/wellbeing information, just so that Felicity can ensure that she can keep you safe and well during the massage and also prevent making any health conditions worse. As a clinical aromatherapist, Felicity is able to select a range of aromatherapy oils to blend with the massage oil if this suits you. She will discuss this with you and allow you to smell the blend she creates to make sure you like it. You will be asked your reasons for wanting to have a massage - whether you are seeking relaxation, stress-relief or need knotty muscles working on, she can tailor your treatment to suit. Felicity will explain how to prepare yourself for the treatment, and then ask you to position yourself on the couch, ensuring that your privacy is protected at all times. 

Felicity uses a range of techniques, giving plenty of attention to any areas of your back, neck and shoulders which she feels needs extra work. You will be asked if the pressure of the massage feels good, and after asking this Felicity stops any conversation so that you are able to relax and really enjoy the treatment. It is obvious that Felicity has years of experience in massage from the way she conducts the treatment. Her movements are confident, beneficial and pleasurable, even on the tense areas.

The massage I recieved was excellent. I had been feeling quite stressed and noticing a lot of tension and knots in my back, neck and shoulder area, so this came at just the right time for me! When the treatment came to an end, Felicity put a sleep mask over my eyes and left me to relax for ten minutes while she went to get me a glass of water. The environment created in the cabin is very relaxing, with fairy lights, soft music and an essential oil diffuser all adding to the soothing atmosphere. When she came back, Felicity encouraged me to sit up slowly and take my time to get off of the couch. Felicity gave me some feedback on my massage, letting me know that she had found quite a few knots and had managed to work them out. I could feel the benefit as soon as I stepped off of the couch! My back, neck and shoulders feel much less tense and I now have no pain in my neck. I will definitely be returning for another treatment!

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 30th September!
Multiple vouchers can be bought as gifts.
Subject to satisfactory health and wellbeing consultation.

About Hands to Heart Yoga and Massage: 

Felicity trained as a massage therapist in 2007 and has since broadened her experience with qualifications in clinical aromatherapy, pregnancy massage, Indian head massage and deep tissue massage. She also teaches yoga classes across North Devon. Felicity practices from a cabin in the garden of her home in Chittlehampton. Find out more about Felicity and Hands to Heart Yoga and Massage by visiting

This deal is ON!

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