Aveda Facial deal

Aveda Facial deal

A 30 minute Aveda Facial at Shine in Bude worth £38 for £19.50. YOU SAVE £18.50. That's over 48%!

Available in North Devon, North Cornwall

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If you'd like a completely natural botanical and luxurious facial treat, that will leave you with healthier, younger and naturally beautiful looking skin in one of the coolest total quality beauty therapy spaces around then this one's for you!

With this GrooVee you get a 30 minute Aveda facial at Shine at Nine, Bude, with a seriously spa experienced, fully qualified and Aveda trained natural therapist. It's a perfect facial using ethical, organic Ayurvedic Aveda products and delivered with real expertise and in a beautiful place that you won't want to leave. 

You'll love the cool chic vibe of the salon at Shine as soon as you step inside. It's the place where those in the know in North Cornwall and North Devon go to get their hair and beauty care. It's easy to find in the centre of Bude, and parking in one of the towns many carparks couldn't be easier. You'll be welcomed in by one of the happy and outgoing team, and you'll be led down to the amazing purple leather retro sofa  where you'll be offered a herbal tea or a cool water before you head up stairs to the treatment rooms on the first floor. It's just the kind of place that you'd wish you had at home, with its muted colours , simple dedication to natural quality materials and finishes and a feeling of space but with a wonderfully human warmth at the same time - clean but not clinical, beautiful but not fussy and the kind of place that makes you feel freed, relaxed and at peace. The botanical and earth scents that are Aveda tickle your senses as you're shown into the wonderful treatment room with its beautifully dressed couch covered in fresh, plump dark grey towels, a stone sink with Moroccan wall tiles in one corner, shabby chic cabinet with neat rows of Aveda potions in another, and with gentle tinkly music playing in the background - the sounds of mother earth to sooth you. 

Your therapist will ask you to undress at least your top half and lie down on the soft couch. It's a sink - into kind of couch, heated to a perfect temperature. Pillows will be placed under your knees and a towel under your head and your hair will be wrapped gently in another towel if you'd like to keep it off your face so that you'll be able to go out to lunch afterwards if you want to.  Then follows a quick consultation, when your therapist will find out about your skin, any allergies, your lifestyle and what you might hope to achieve from the facial - radiance? hydration? clean and clear skin? She'll then feel your skin with a series of light massage strokes to the forehead and cheeks and then discusses her recommended treatment. You'll be asked whether you prefer a head, hand or foot massage which comes as a relaxing addition to the treatment to allow time for the mask to take. Aveda facials are each completely different to suit the skin conditions and needs of the client on the day, and so is different every time. A custom approach to skin care, as a naturally based facial should be. 

The lights are then dimmed and the treatment begins with some gentle pressure to your shoulders, tummy, knees and feet through the towels - its a comforting feeling, and sets the pace for the treatment and allows your body to begin the process of letting go. You'll feel the cooling pads of the eye cleanse, and light, divine pressure over your eyes as any residue of eye make up and any impurities are cleaned away. It is better to go for your facial wearing either light or no make up at all to make the most of the 30 minutes. If your therapist has chosen the deep cleanse or the radiance facial she will then start with a skin brush - its a soft brush like a make up brush and feels heavenly as it passes over your skin. The brushing disturbs skin cells and improves circulation to bring oxygenated blood to the skin surface, improve drainage and reduce puffiness. Then follows a pre-cleanse oil ( beautifully floral) which lifts dirt from the skin, and is then removed with warm, wet mits. Then an initial cleanser to take away dead skin cells and clean your skin is applied to your dirt free face - herbal and natural like a summer garden. The aroma infusions are mixed with the products to treat your whole person as well as your skin as the essential oils an plant essences work their magic in every way. The there is a second cleanse to get in even deeper with a different aroma customised to your needs which is removed warm clear water mits working from your forehead to your neck and decolletage using massage strokes and techniques which are all lifting for muscles and draining for lymph. The toner which follows has a subtle scent and is applied at room temperature on cotton pads. Then follows a 'Wedding Mask' for your eyes - a radiant mask with ingredients to brighten and firm the eyes, applied with an eye massage which effleurage and petrissage to the pressure points around your eyes - totally dreamy - before your particular mask is applied. It might be intense hydration, or deep cleansing or a Wedding Mask for radiance. It is painted onto the skin - feels creamy and smooth, cool and soothing - with a soft brush. The mask stays on for 10 minutes during which time you'll love the hand, foot or head massage, with expert massage strokes which linger on the skin as you lie with cool damp cotton pads resting gently over your eyes. You'll drift away.....and then the mask is removed with warm towels and another toner goes on with soft pads and cool water - its completely refreshing. The eye cream which comes next is massaged in with a little drainage massage. If you're having a hydrating facial you'll love the Hydrating Treatment Lotion which is applied last. It feels like water going on to your skin as it is pressed in rather than swept. The treatment will finish with a little Tulasara concentrate to brighten the skin, to face, neck and decolletage. When you're all finished the couch is lifted electronically using a remote control to raise you up - its another mark of quality and luxury and helps you come back to the real world and a fridge cooled and refreshing glass of water. You'll be left for a moment to get dressed , ready to say goodbye to this little haven feeling wonderfully relaxed, and enjoying the aromas of nature that are the Aveda promise. 

I watched as GrooVees friend Wendy had her Aveda Facial with Lauren, one of the three highly qualified beauty therapists at Shine. All three have long term spa experience as well as top qualifications and Aveda training - Lauren and Emma both came from Champneys, and Libby has 3 years 4* spa experience such is their pedigree. I could see the difference visibly in Wendy's skin which was much brighter, plumped, soft and hydrated but without being oily. She looked relaxed, peaceful, and, well, younger - as well as very happy. Yes, true to say she was blissed out - by the treatment, the products, the place itself. There is everything to love about an Aveda Facial at Shine. Its certainly not called shine for nothing. I can totally recommend it. And if 30 minutes isn't enough you can always upgrade to a full hour - just pay an additional £15 direct on the day ( though you'll need to book the hour in advance). 

The rules: 

Must be redeemed by end of Sunday, 30th September!
Advanced booking essential
May extend to one hour for an additional £15 paid direct
No other offers apply
Multibuys possible but only one treatment per person
Can be taken as a gift voucher

About Shine at Nine: 

Shine at Nine is owned and managed by Kath,who lives in Bude, and who has been in hair and beauty for over 10 years. She opened Shine first as a hair boutique, 3 and half years ago, and in August of last year she completed a total refurbishment of the upper floors at shine to create tasteful, stylish treatment rooms using natural pallettes and eclectic chic decor to create something truly lovely. Kath likes quirky yet cool, natural materials and ethical, quality products. Aveda was a natural choice with its reputation for earth loving, ayurvedic, organic potions with aromas to treat the mind, body and spirit in one. Worth a trip from anywhere to Bude for this, and there are plenty of lovely shops and eateries as well as the beautiful beach to visit before or afterwards to  make it a complete treat. For more information about Shine at Nine go to www.shineatnine.co.uk

This deal is ON!

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